15S Introduction.

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December 21, 2008. I placed the hover for sale on eBay, auction 110328822293. The pictures below and on the related pages reflect the build of this hovercraft. I have updated the hover with new belts and balanced the craft. The craft really performs well and needs nothing besides gas.

July 22, 2008. It hovers!!! There are still some little things to sort out, but at least I can call it a hovercraft. Here is a short WMV (12 MB) video of the first flight.

July 20, 2008. There has been a lot of work on the hover, but the website has been neglected. The hover has paint and a skirt and tonight the engine was started for the first since I have owned it. Here is a short MPG (22 MB) video of the engine starting.

March 29, 2008. Not much progress on the craft in the last 2 years. Here are a couple of pictures as the craft sits today. Note the windshield frame, the prop and fan guards, and the engine cover. That is about it for the last 2 years. Hope to have it flying in '08.

Janurary 10, 2006. The hover is finally in its new home. Construction should resume this spring. I want to be hovering this summer. Below are a couple of pictures of the hover in the new garage. Note the overturned unfinshed hull of the 6F inside of the cockpit of the 15S. My oldest daughter keeps asking when I will finish her hovercraft.

October 20, 2004. Construction on the 15S has temporarily come to a stop. In August I moved my family 1000 miles to Illinois. Our current housing situation does not have an adequate hover workshop. This means that the 15S is in storage until a proper hover workshop can be built. Hopefully soon!

This page is about the construction of a custom designed hovercraft. This craft was started by Howard Boyle. Originally Howard planned to build a foam version of the Universal Hovercraft model UH-12T4. Plans changed and the craft was extended to 15 feet. The hull is made from 1 pound per cubic foot expanded polystyrene with carbon fiber, Kevlar, and fiberglass. Howard had planned on using an 80 hp 4 cylinder engine from a Geo Metro for the thrust engine turning a 54" prop and a 10 hp lift engine turning a 26" 4-blade fan. After completing the bottom side of the hull, Howard decided that he wanted a UH-18SPW. After some horse trading, we came to an agreement where I would finish the 15. At that time I had a 55 hp 3 cylinder engine from a Geo Metro that would be a perfect fit for this craft. After some more horse trading, I sold my 3 cylinder Geo and will be using Howard's 4 cylinder Geo engine. My 3 cylinder Geo was sold to a builder who plans on using it for a lift engine! One of my main goals is to build a very quiet hovercraft. For this reason, the 15T will not be a twin engine craft, it will be a single engine craft, the 15S. The 4 cylinder Geo engine will drive the thrust prop with one belt and also drive the lift fan through another belt. The thrust prop will be a 60"/53 pitch 2 bladed prop and the lift will have a 30"/28 pitch 4 bladed fan.